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GPS Tracking For Lone Workers

Whether they are field technicians, remote employees or service professionals, lone workers face unique risks when operating alone. Whether these are due to unforeseen hazards, medical emergencies or security threats, it is essential for businesses to mitigate these risks to protect their workforce. Lone worker tracking is one way to do so by enabling employers to monitor the location and status of their teams in real-time.

Lone worker safety solutions need to be both reliable and easy-to-use. If they aren’t user-friendly, employees will not engage with them – and if they don’t provide reliable real-time data, businesses will be at a disadvantage when it comes to responding to any issues.

Fortunately, with advances in GPS technology over the past few years, employee monitoring systems have become more intuitive and simple to use. GPS enables devices to send precise locations of staff in real-time, providing visibility to managers and supervisors over secure cloud-based platforms. This enables them to monitor the progress of their staff, assess risk and identify any deviations from agreed work procedures promptly.

In addition, a good GPS solution for lone workers Intercon Messaging Inc. will include features to enhance safety, such as a built-in panic button and emergency alerts. These will allow employees to communicate with the control centre and receive assistance should they require it, increasing safety and ensuring that any potential incidents can be responded to quickly.

Foretrack GH5200 offers a number of features to improve lone worker safety. It has GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity for both communication and location monitoring. The device is also equipped with a remote device management system, FOTA WEB, which allows automated firmware and configuration updates as well as a multi-level account hierarchy to enable easy device management.

The device also offers a range of communication options including a high-quality voice communication function with programmable LED indications, enabling the user to call for help from any location. Using the built-in GPS, the tracker can also be configured to send its location every ten seconds to the app. Ok Alone offer a choice of tracking modes depending on the needs of the organisation; GPS High provides an accurate location update, whilst GPS Normal will update every 1-2 minutes and won’t drain the battery as fast.

GPS tracking can also be used to locate employees in situations where the cellular network is not available. StaySafe’s Satellite Mode, powered by Garmin, enables tracking of lone workers wherever they are in the world – provided that a line of sight between three GPS satellites is possible.

Privacy is another key factor in choosing the right GPS tracker for lone workers. Any lone worker solution should give employees control over their location visibility, allowing them to activate the monitoring hub at the beginning of a period of lone working and then disable it again when they finish. This should be in-line with any company lone working procedure and ensure that no tracking is carried out without the employee’s knowledge.

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